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Beautiful Soul,

You are meant for a love that is pure.

A providership rooted in deep surrender and truth. Yours and theirs.


A relationship that makes your whole body tingle, while it brings peace to your soul.

A partnership that challenges you, expands you, excites you, and calls you higher.


Yet you have found yourself swimming in what I like to call…
Tinder fuckboy frequency.
What does this look or feel like?
It looks like they constantly want and need more of you, from you — your energy, time, resources… but it’s not an equal energy exchange. 
You don’t receive the same level of devotion, commitment, connection, dedication, vision, and ambition from them.
They show up with half ass energy, intimacy, excuses, glass half full mindset at all times.
It feels stagnant, heavy, and this cycle keeps replaying itself…
Like a record that has been scratched, and now it’s stuck in inertia.

You find yourself in dynamics that have you mothering everyone-

your partner/spouse, your children, your friends, your team, your clients.
Is it any wonder that you feel weighed down? 
As a result, your innate, sacred and sensual magnetism is turned off.

It’s kismet.

It’s meant to be because YOU are the creatrix, the sensual enchantress whose power knows no bounds, when met with deep soul alignment.
You’re ready to rekindle your passion, ignite your fire, and activate momentum in your life. 
And I am here to guide you and initiate you on this homecoming to your soul.

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When you lean into a pure divine frequency and polarity of leading with your sensuality,
Letting your feminine energy pierce through the density of this very earthly existence,
You allow for and create spaciousness in your life for the Divine Masculine to anchor into your life.


It is time Gorgeous soul, to call in your King, so you can be the Queen you know yourself to be.

She who commands a room with her presence, her energy.
She who exudes grace, opulence, leadership, and benevolence.
She who is for her people, for her family, for her King.

Without dimming her power, without suppressing her voice.
Without playing any games whatsoever.

It is time, to lead with your sensuality, your sexuality, your softness which becomes your strength, your magnum opus.

There is an awakening taking place.
The frequency is rising,
The fires of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are intertwined in a powerful spiral.
Where their flames dance together, fan each other to rise ever higher, and still keep the embers burning.
Now is your time to experience life, love, relationships the way you’re divinely intended to - each of you moving wholly, power in power, never outsourcing it, never 

Step into your WILD FEMININE


My name is Melanie

I am a Divine Feminine Leader & Spiritual Mentor devoted to the empowerment and rising of women worldwide. As an Initiate of the Goddess Isis, and someone deeply embodied in the Magdalene Heart of the Rose lineage and mystery school teachings, it is my soul mission and devotion to guide women home to their souls. To their innate feminine wisdom. To radical ownership of their power, where they reclaim sovereignty over their lives & return to a state of wholeness within. 


When you’re in sacred space with me, you will instantly feel at home. I am your HYPE Queen meets Loyal AF Bestie & Big Sister who initiates you into your boldest, uninhibited power. Where you become Divinity, embodied.


I have been featured on national television as well as in magazines and appeared on local radio shows for my trailblazing, revolutionary, and potent experiences and perspective in entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment and wellbeing.

There is a sacred surrender calling you forward,
To return home to your soul.
The way that is deeply innate to your being.
There is an invitation right now, here in this moment, to de-armour yourself and drop the shield, lay down your swords, and return to the sacred, sensual, embodied feminine within.

Welcome to the Wild Feminine Formula, Where remembrance meets embodiment.


Inside WILD FEMININE, we take an intentional approach and dive deep into…


Becoming THE ONE 

  • Remembering who you are — your voice, your truth, your desires, your vision.

  • Get clear on what you desire from yourself, from life, from relationships.

  • Allowing God to work his way through YOU - you are the vessel, your life is a divine expression of the magic within you.

  • Releasing the programming you take on from family, friends, society. 

  • Drop the meek girl, nice girl attitude, and lean into who God created you to be - a woman cloaked in power, grace, divinity, and abundance.

  • Harnessing your inner King and Queen - aka your own masculine and feminine energetics. No more energy leaks, weak commitments, or half-ass energy in your life, business, work, relationship with self and others. 

  • Cultivating healthy standards for yourself. Holding yourself to them helps you become a match to your desires.

  • Practicing grace, compassion, and forgiveness as you embark on this homecoming journey



Understanding Divine Masculine Energetics

  • Identifying your non-negotiable standards in a partner — what are the characteristics you envision in your King?

  • Learning how to lean into their Divine Masculine structure so you can be in your Divine Feminine flow.

  • Reverencing the Divine Masculine - there is no room for emasculation, or toxic and wounded feminine. 

  • Cultivating certainty through conscious behavioural change within you and them

  • Leaning into their providership and leadership doesn’t take away from your leadership or ambition and desires.


Returning to the roots of Healthy Relationship Foundations

  • Cultivating the foundations — clear communication, honesty and trust, safety in your body and nervous system (so you can hold powerful space for each other).

  • Feeling safe to unveil ALL of you with each other, without shame, judgment, guilt.

  • Healthy conflict resolution practices and tools.

  • Identifying what a healthy relationship feels like in your body.

  • Identifying toxic relationship patterns and bringing greater self awareness to the table.

  • Learning to trust your intuition and let that lead the way forward in your relationship.



Leading with your Wild, Sensual, Sacred Feminine

  • Honouring the void space — learning to be okay with your own company

  • Falling in love with your Wild Wise Woman

  • Being one with your Darkness and light - owning your shadows

  • Tapping into your emotions and harnessing the power within them — create your frequency.

  • Leaning into the power of sisterhood, nature and earthen wisdom.

  • Releasing the shame of the past — rewiring your subconsciousness with new stories, behavioural patterns

  • Reclamation of your wild feminine energy — and sacred sexuality and the depth of healing it offers.

  • Sensual Pleasure Practices to deepen and refine your embodiment

Sounds incredibly nourishing and juicy, right?

If you are ready to redefine your relationship with yourself, and want to call in your King — in pure soul alignment, WILD FEMININE is for you.

This is the pleasure portal, the sensuality playground, and the ceremonial temple where you embrace the Goddess that you truly are.

You become the One who exudes sensual power, pleasure, play, and prosperity

  • What are the program dates?
    Wild Wise Woman starts Monday July 17th, 2023 at 3pm. When you register you will receive an email with the Zoom location as well as any other mandatory details.
  • What is the format of the program?
    This program has both a group format as well as a 1:1 upgrade available.
  • Group Experience
    Investment: $6111 pay in full OR $1222 per month for 6 months -Live 1 hour teachings once a week (4-5 times a month) for 6 months -Voxer support within 24 hours -48 hours (M-F 9am-5pm MST) -All calls recorded and uploaded within 24 hours - Access to the Wise Wild Woman Vault -Lifetime access
  • VIP 1:1 Upgrade
    -Live 1 hour teachings once a week (4-5 times a month) for 6 months or the duration of your mentorship -Plus customized blueprint and sessions specifically to their desires, goals and aspirations -Unlimited Voxer, email support (M-F 9-5 MST) -Free access to previous classes/courses -All calls recorded and uploaded within 24 hours -Access to the Wise Wild Woman Vault -Lifetime access
  • What is the investment? Are there payment plans?
    The investment for the Group Experience is $6111 pay in full OR 6 monthly payments of $1222. The investment for the VIP 1:1 Upgrade is varying based on duration and requires an application that you can find here:
  • What is your refund policy?
    All sales are final.

If you can feel the resonance coursing through your very being, allow me to extend a heartfelt invitation to dive into this transformative course.

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