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This is the year where you…

Deal with the shit-talker.

Silence the inner mean-girl.

Let your faith guide you onto your soul adventures while your fear is kicked to the curb.

Embrace prosperity, healing, thriving, sustainability, and pleasure as your Divine birthright.

This is the year where you bury your ego…

Where you say goodbye to your old identity

Heal those unhealthy patterns

Ditch the people pleaser

And unbecome everything you once thought you had to be.


This is the year when you release the shackles of the ego and it no longer dictates your path.

And you step into your evolution.

Your Divine Becoming.

Where you don’t run away from your resistance and scarcity… you run toward it.

You deal with it. 

You silence the noise, and you continue to embrace your Evolution.


I know you’re wondering…

What makes this time so different from all the other times?

What if I cannot sustain these shifts?

What if I fall off the wagon?

What if… {insert any doubts, haters, and shittalkers here}

Here’s the thing, YOU are the common denominator.

YOU are your certainty.

Along with God, Creator, Source.

YOU are different because you know better.

You are choosing better.

Consciously. Courageously. Confidently.

You have already seen glimpses of your magic coming alive when you choose yourself and step into your healing, your reclamation, your revolution.

Now you get to BEcome her. No matter what.

Are you ready to metamorphose into your most powerful, abundant, and blissed AF version yet?

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Step into your transformative cocoon where you step into your next evolution,


Birth your revolution.

And ignite your Becoming.



My name is Melanie

I am a Divine Feminine Leader & Spiritual Mentor devoted to the empowerment and rising of women worldwide. As an Initiate of the Goddess Isis, and someone deeply embodied in the Magdalene Heart of the Rose lineage and mystery school teachings, it is my soul mission and devotion to guide women home to their souls. To their innate feminine wisdom. To radical ownership of their power, where they reclaim sovereignty over their lives & return to a state of wholeness within. 


When you’re in sacred space with me, you will instantly feel at home. I am your HYPE Queen meets Loyal AF Bestie & Big Sister who initiates you into your boldest, uninhibited power. Where you become Divinity, embodied.


I have been featured on national television as well as in magazines and appeared on local radio shows for my trailblazing, revolutionary, and potent experiences and perspective in entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment and wellbeing.

Welcome to EVOLVING

I always tell my clients, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight.

It happens on a daily basis, in the mundane moments, in the moments that test your patience. In the moments you feel like giving up. In the moments where doubt wants to run the show and the shittalker would love a front row seat to your life.

It’s in these pivotal moments, you wield your power to shape your own EVOLUTION, embracing profound personal growth.

But it starts with you.

In fact, raise your hand if….

Every time you’ve actively tried to choose a new lifestyle, habit, behavior… you end up falling off the wagon or let yourself get derailed because of…

Emotional reactivity

People pleasing

Poor boundaries


Ditching the self-care the moment you get busy… or the moment there’s a challenge in your business, relationship, leadership…

Conflicts and projections that hook into you because you let them do so…

To name a few…

Does this sound familiar to you?


I knew it! 

Wanna know a not-so-secret, secret?

Your thoughts, emotional capacity, and the health of your nervous system, along with your communication style (the underlying knee-jerk reactions, responses, tonality, and cadence) have all been shaped by what you witnessed, heard, and were made to feel growing up – with family, friends, school, and other social interactions.


Change starts with YOU understanding that sustainable lifelong change occurs when we heal ourselves at a cellular level - when we choose to consciously untangle ourselves from the toxic loops and cords we find ourselves trapped in.


Doing so helps you attract and choose newer, nourishing, and healthier opportunities, situations, and relationships in life, love, and your leadership.

 And no, we won’t be bypassing any of the experiences you’ve had – it’s incredibly important to me that you feel seen, heard, and witnessed, so that you can grow through it, instead of this being yet another bandaid course you’ve purchased.

Inside EVOLVING… we take an intentional approach and dive deep into…


Witnessing the Shit-talker

  • Understand the root cause beneath your own doubts, limiting beliefs, and projections.

  • Differentiating between faith and fear – how to keep moving forward despite your fears.

  • Maintain your momentum as you move through each block and distraction.

  • Witnessing the inner mean girl and unbecoming what you are not.

  • Cultivating radical ownership and accountability through self-awareness

  • Allowing your old self to say goodbye

  • Daily energy management tools and practices to master your thoughts and emotions



Embodying the Shifts - Say hi to new YOU!

  • Feel it to BECOME it – rewiring your nervous system and practicing BEing.

  • Embodying the Divine Feminine and Masculine frequency in alignment with your soul.

  • Focusing on your truth - in each moment - through self reflection and other practices such as mediation, breathwork, infusing creativity into your day.

  • Creating your own ritual of creative self expression. Your BEing is sacred,

  • Shifting your frequency through your thoughts and emotions.


Nurture your Soul Frequency – Becoming YOU, wholly embodied.

  • Understanding your Womb Codes – your Divine Feminine Creatrix portal.

  • Living in flow with your natural rhythm and cycle

  • Harnessing the power of your soul frequency and energetic vibration

  • Epigenetics and rewiring your cellular codes to recreate a new you, a new life, a new lineage

  • Practicing harmony and oneness with your IAM Consciousness and deep surrender.

  • Allowing yourself space to unfold, BE who you are becoming, and become the energetic match to your whole self.

If you are ready to create lasting change, if you are willing to master the basics of what it means to create and sustain lifelong change on a visceral level….

EVOLVING is the sacred space for you. 

  • What are the program dates?
    Wild Wise Woman starts Monday July 17th, 2023 at 3pm. When you register you will receive an email with the Zoom location as well as any other mandatory details.
  • What is the format of the program?
    This program has both a group format as well as a 1:1 upgrade available.
  • Group Experience
    Investment: $6111 pay in full OR $1222 per month for 6 months -Live 1 hour teachings once a week (4-5 times a month) for 6 months -Voxer support within 24 hours -48 hours (M-F 9am-5pm MST) -All calls recorded and uploaded within 24 hours - Access to the Wise Wild Woman Vault -Lifetime access
  • VIP 1:1 Upgrade
    -Live 1 hour teachings once a week (4-5 times a month) for 6 months or the duration of your mentorship -Plus customized blueprint and sessions specifically to their desires, goals and aspirations -Unlimited Voxer, email support (M-F 9-5 MST) -Free access to previous classes/courses -All calls recorded and uploaded within 24 hours -Access to the Wise Wild Woman Vault -Lifetime access
  • What is the investment? Are there payment plans?
    The investment for the Group Experience is $6111 pay in full OR 6 monthly payments of $1222. The investment for the VIP 1:1 Upgrade is varying based on duration and requires an application that you can find here:
  • What is your refund policy?
    All sales are final.

If you can feel the resonance coursing through your very being, allow me to extend a heartfelt invitation to dive into this transformative course.

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