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Discover Your Queen
Find Your Equal, Your Best Friend, and Your Lover


Hey there, future King. It’s time to get real.

 In today’s world, the line between masculinity and toxicity has been blurred, leaving many good men feeling lost, misunderstood, and undervalued. 

But here's the truth: You deserve a partner who matches your high standards, a woman who is as remarkable as you are.

Become the High-Value Man Women Crave

Kings: Your Path to Becoming a High-Value Man is your ultimate guide to transforming yourself and attracting the woman of your dreams.


The Transformation Awaits

Imagine transforming your life by attracting high-quality women who are not just romantic partners, but best friends and great lovers. Envision relationships filled with deep connection and mutual respect, an exciting life of adventure, increased financial success, and optimal health. This extraordinary life is within your reach.

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Kings: Your Path to Becoming a High Value Man

Are You Ready to Become a King?

If you’re tired of settling for less and ready to attract a high-quality woman who respects, admires, and loves you for who you are, then it’s time to take action. 

Kings: Your Path to Becoming a High-Value Man

is the program that will change your life.

This isn't just a coaching program—it's a journey to reclaim your true essence, strength, and purpose. You want to command respect, attract high-quality relationships, and achieve unparalleled success, this is for you.

Don’t waste another day feeling unappreciated and disrespected. It’s time to step into your power and claim the relationship and the life you deserve.

I always tell all of my clients: If you want to find “the one” you have to first become “the one” 

And that’s what this is all about


Misunderstood: The media often paints men with broad strokes of toxicity, leaving little room for the good men who strive to do right by everyone.

Disconnected:  Traditional roles are shifting, and with them, the clear understanding of what it means to be a man.

Self-Doubt and Fear: Overcoming the mental blocks that keep you from taking bold actions.

Afraid to Act: Fear of being labeled or judged for simply being masculine has left many men hesitant to express their true selves.

Misleading Myths: Busting myths like "You need to be rich to be high-value" or "Only certain types of men succeed."

Lack of Guidance: Navigating life without a clear roadmap or mentor to follow.

Societal Pressure: Resisting the pressure to conform to society's flawed definitions of success.

Modern men grapple with a myriad of challenges that often leave them feeling misunderstood and disconnected.

The media's frequent portrayal of men through the lens of toxicity fails to acknowledge the many who genuinely strive to be good and do right by everyone. As traditional roles shift, the once-clear understanding of manhood becomes increasingly blurred, leading to confusion and uncertainty. Many men find themselves afraid to act, hesitant to express their true selves for fear of being judged or labeled simply for embracing their masculinity.

This hesitation breeds self-doubt and fear, creating mental blocks that hinder bold actions.

The media's frequent portrayal of men through the lens of toxicity fails to acknowledge the many who genuinely strive to be good and do right by everyone. As traditional roles shift, the once-clear understanding of manhood becomes increasingly blurred, leading to confusion and uncertainty. Many men find themselves afraid to act, hesitant to express their true selves for fear of being judged or labeled simply for embracing their masculinity.

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Tired of Attracting Women Who Don’t Respect You?

Do you feel like you’re constantly giving your all to women who:

Disrespect you?

Are overly critical and never appreciate your efforts?

Use you for your money and resources?

Act like they don’t need a man, flaunting their “boss babe” mentality?

Bring nothing but toxicity or a constant need for rescuing?

You’re not alone. Many modern men are fed up with relationships that drain them, rather than enrich their lives. You deserve more. You deserve a partner who is your equal—someone who complements your strengths, supports you, and brings peace and joy into your life.

What You Really Want:

Imagine having a woman by your side who:

Respects and values you for who you are.

Is soft, feminine, and brings tranquility into your life.

Is solid in herself, wise, and a great communicator.

Has worked through her own issues and doesn’t bring baggage into the relationship.

Wants to be a team with you, building a loving, beautiful, and healthy relationship together.

This isn’t a fantasy. This can be your reality. But it requires you to step up and become the high-value man you were always meant to be.

Let's debunk some myths right now.

High value isn't about your bank account, your car, or the size of your muscles. 

It’s about the essence of who you are, your integrity, your strength of character, and your ability to live authentically.


Here’s the real deal:


Self-Awareness and Authenticity

Know Thyself: The first step to becoming high value is understanding who you are. No masks, no pretending—just raw, unapologetic you.

Embrace Your Truth: Live in alignment with your values and beliefs. Authenticity is magnetic.


Emotional Intelligence

Master Your Emotions: Understand and manage your emotions to navigate life's ups and downs with grace.

Empathy and Connection: Build deeper, more meaningful relationships by truly understanding and connecting with others.


Purpose and Drive

Find Your Why: Discover your purpose and let it fuel your actions. A man with a mission is unstoppable.

Stay Driven: Consistently pursue your goals with passion and perseverance. High-value men don’t quit—they adapt and keep moving forward and at the same time they have discernment to know where there time is best served.


Leadership and Influence

Lead with Integrity: True leaders inspire and uplift others. Your actions should reflect your principles.

Positive Impact: Make a difference in the lives of those around you. Your value increases as you help others find theirs.

Real Talk, Real Results

This program is for men who are ready to stop living on autopilot and start thriving. If you're tired of superficiality and ready for a life of depth and meaning, Kings is for you. 

Remember, you are worthy of a loving, respectful, and fulfilling relationship. It’s time to rise, become a king, and attract your queen.


Coaching is a big business and finding the best is a process. I would know, as I’ve researched many and have had several. Melanie ranks as one of the BEST!


I'm Melanie

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As a seasoned love and relationship coach, I’ve helped countless men break free from toxic relationship patterns and step into their power. I understand the unique challenges modern men face, and I have the proven strategies to help you overcome them.

This isn’t just about getting a girlfriend. It’s about transforming your entire approach to relationships and becoming the man you were destined to be.

Why Choose Me?
Bride and groom

Benefits of Becoming a High Value Man

Unshakable Confidence: Walk into any room with your head held high.

Magnetic Charisma: Attract and maintain high-quality relationships.

Purposeful Living: Wake up every day with a clear sense of direction.

Resilient Mindset: Overcome challenges with ease and grace.

Healthy Relationships: Build and sustain deep, meaningful connections.

Financial Stability: Achieve financial independence and enjoy a higher quality of life.


Kings is where your transformation begins. This isn't a cookie-cutter program.


It's a deeply personal, one-on-one journey designed to make you a high-value man in every aspect of your life. 

Here’s what you’ll gain:

Self-Respect and Confidence: Learn how to build unwavering self-respect and confidence that commands admiration and respect from others.

Emotional Intelligence: Develop the emotional intelligence needed to navigate complex relationship dynamics with ease.

Clear Boundaries: Establish and maintain healthy boundaries to protect your peace and ensure you’re treated with the respect you deserve.

Effective Communication: Master the art of communication, so you can express your needs and desires clearly and understand your partner deeply.

Personal Growth: Focus on continuous personal growth and self-improvement, making you irresistible to high-quality women.

Attracting the Right Woman: Discover the secrets to attracting a feminine, nurturing, and wise partner who complements your life perfectly.


Tailored Desire Map

We craft a personalized map to guide you on your journey to becoming a high value man.

Intensive 1:1 Coaching Program:

Engage in a deep-dive, 6-month custom private coaching experience with me as your personal coach.

Weekly Live Zoom Calls:

Enjoy an exclusive 60-75 minute live Zoom call every week dedicated to your progress.

Continuous Support Between Sessions

Access email/Voxer/Whatsapp support during regular office hours (Mon-Fri, 9-5) to address every question and overcome challenges in real-time.

Integrated Home Practices

Receive customized at-home practices to seamlessly integrate the insights gained during our live sessions


Join Kings: Your Path to Becoming a High-Value Man

and start your journey to becoming the man who attracts and keeps an incredible woman.

Click the link below to get started. Your transformation begins now.

FAQ: Addressing Your Concerns

  • What are the program dates?
    Wild Wise Woman starts Monday July 17th, 2023 at 3pm. When you register you will receive an email with the Zoom location as well as any other mandatory details.
  • What is the format of the program?
    This program has both a group format as well as a 1:1 upgrade available.
  • Group Experience
    Investment: $6111 pay in full OR $1222 per month for 6 months -Live 1 hour teachings once a week (4-5 times a month) for 6 months -Voxer support within 24 hours -48 hours (M-F 9am-5pm MST) -All calls recorded and uploaded within 24 hours - Access to the Wise Wild Woman Vault -Lifetime access
  • VIP 1:1 Upgrade
    -Live 1 hour teachings once a week (4-5 times a month) for 6 months or the duration of your mentorship -Plus customized blueprint and sessions specifically to their desires, goals and aspirations -Unlimited Voxer, email support (M-F 9-5 MST) -Free access to previous classes/courses -All calls recorded and uploaded within 24 hours -Access to the Wise Wild Woman Vault -Lifetime access
  • What is the investment? Are there payment plans?
    The investment for the Group Experience is $6111 pay in full OR 6 monthly payments of $1222. The investment for the VIP 1:1 Upgrade is varying based on duration and requires an application that you can find here:
  • What is your refund policy?
    All sales are final.
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