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Buckle up, buttercup

You’re about to kick those toxic relationships to the curb and attract soul-synced love 


What if I told you there's a game-changing solution that holds the power to break your toxic relationship patterns permanently?

Imagine a key that not only stops the cycle but opens the door to attracting your dream partner effortlessly.


In the pages ahead, I'll unveil an unconventional approach, a secret code, if you will, that promises not just change, but a revolution in your love life. Brace yourself for a revelation that guarantees to transform your romantic journey.


Curious? Prepare to discover the secret that can turn your relationship destiny around. 

“In 40 days my life looks dramatically different.” 
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Welcome to...


How to Find Hot Love & Happily Ever After in a Swipe-Left Society

Red Fabric
Working with Melanie enabled me to have the confidence to dig deep and manifest what I truly desired and, most importantly, deserved in a romantic relationship.  Now I find myself speaking my truth, setting healthy boundaries and communicating with my partner in a calm and intentional manner, the total opposite experience to my marriage and past relationships.  I am happy, at peace and know the work I put in under Melanie's coaching helped me get to this point. 

Because what you REALLY want is…

To have someone who is your best friend and an incredible lover

To have someone who really cares about your feelings, not just says they do

A partner whose words match their actions

A partner you can count on…who’s there for you in the good times AND the bad

Someone who listens to understand you so you feel safe, seen, and heard

Someone who admires, adores, cherishes, respects and appreciates you

Someone who loves and accepts all parts of you, not just the good or easy parts to love

Someone who you can level up with and build your empire

You want passionate, deep devotional love

Last, but not least, you want a partner who will be reciprocal in their efforts, no more one sided shit

And let's be real...

no one’s perfect, and you aren’t looking for perfection, but having those amazing, steamy, and genuinely happy relationships isn't something that just falls into your lap…not usually anyway…especially if you’ve had a history of the complete opposite. 

But here's the thing…I've cracked the code on this and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Red Fabric
It literally was the journey of a lifetime that saved my life. You helped me realize, recognize and face my truth and eradicate the fear…thank you. I love you and have so much respect for the very important job you are doing…changing lives.

Here’s a little hint: 


After many years of searching for a way to heal from a broken childhood and 2 failed marriages, there’s one thing I can tell you for sure:

We attract and settle for the love we think we deserve…

...and the crazy thing is this happens on an unconscious level without us even realizing it.

Over the years I’ve seen with my own eyes how it’s our unconscious that causes us to make 95% of our daily decisions…

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." - C.G. Jung

This is something I had to confront as I saw my mom’s patterns of unhealthy relationships repeating themselves in MY life. I call these pain paradigms.

Tapping into our unconscious is what rewires the neural synapses in our brains…

...causes us to stop old habits and form new ones…

...and allows us to finally and fully let go of our toxic past and we’re able to attract the healthy relationships and partners that we deserve.

You see, everything changes when we finally make the decision to take control of our future.

We just need the right tools to get there. And isn’t that why you’re here?



 I'm Melanie

So who am I to talk?

My own experience with toxic relationships started in an unstable environment growing up with an inattentive mother and a string of unsuitable stepdads. After going through my second divorce, I had an epiphany about harmful patterns that changed the entire trajectory of my life, and I have dedicated my life ever since to becoming a master coach with the insights and empathy to transform lives just like yours!


I've been where you are—

feeling trapped in toxic relationships, drowning in feelings of unworthiness, and stuck in a loop of people-pleasing, feeling utterly alone.

“Melanie is particularly talented!” 

I spent over 6 years and 6-figures working on me like it was my job, rewiring my belief system, working through my trauma, and becoming the best version of myself. I cracked the code to break free from those toxic relationship cycles and attract invincible love. 

Melanie Verstraete as seen in:

Red Fabric
It is my personal opinion that Melanie is particularly talented and among the best… She truly loves and believes in what she does. However.. I am most personally impressed by her genuineness and authenticity both as a person and in the way she is able to convey her message on the most personal level!


 - or the people in my life…nothing that minimized my value as a person….but something was wrong. I had an unconscious mind that was programmed to land me in toxic cycles.

You too?

Once I reprogrammed those pesky Pain Paradigms, I was able to form relationships I wouldn’t trade for the world.

You know… the good stuff!


And I want you to surround yourself with this kind of invincible love too. 
Have your own crazy, weird, F-d up relationship patterns you need to unwind and permanently END?

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How to Find Hot Love & Happily Ever After in a Swipe-Left Society


Once inside this powerful portal you can expect benefits like this:

Find the type of invincible love you dream of waking up to…warm…tingly…yummy.

Experience the kind of love, bonds, and sex that blows your mind

Find your soulmate…forever partner…king or queen…the “one”

Wake up next to the person who makes your soul smile and turns you on.

Renew the passion in your marriage

Mend strained relationships with family

Form lifetime friendships

Create harmonious relationship with colleagues

Feel more confident and sexier in your body

Have deeper connections and intimacy with your partner

Become “the one” know, your soulmate’s soulmate

And you will even…

Have more self love and feel a sense of unrelenting regard for your worth

Create boundaries with ease

Trust yourself when picking a partner

Pick up on red flags before they become a problem

Feel confident in your ability to keep the relationships you build

If you’re beyond ready for earth-shattering, bed-shaking love or you want to improve your marriage, friendships, or co-worker relationships, BUT…

You’re already so freaking busy

You’re unsure you want to give up your independent lifestyle

You’re not sure how your mind is going to fix everything

You’re dying for a companion, like right now

You’re ready to sacrifice who you are to make it work with someone

You’re so exhausted by the thought of making new connections

It’s so much easier to just leave things the way they are

This next chapter in your life is going to be different. Like, really, truly, actually.
You’re going to be shook the day you look back and wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!


 “I have found my forever partner. I am grateful, open and full of love.”
Red Fabric
It literally was the journey of a lifetime that saved my life. You helped me realize, recognize and face my truth and eradicate the fear…thank you. I love you and have so much respect for the very important job you are doing…changing lives.
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