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What’s the key to exiting the toxic relationship cycle and magnetizing your dream partner?


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You’re about to find out, because my FREE webinar MAGNETIC is here!

Instantly download it now and discover the secrets to finally kicking those toxic relationships to the curb and becoming MAGNETIC to your dream partner. Think of this as the metaphysical version of a dating app

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40 days ago, I was engaged and still in love with my ex-fiance. I got diagnosed with a real heavy-duty illness, and he didn’t show up for me. My life fell apart. I needed Melanie’s coaching to be able to walk away and experience such a major shift. 

With the clarity of Melanie’s program, I set a goal to move and have since moved into my dream home. I’m really clear on what I want and I don’t second-guess myself anymore. The 1 week workshop with Melanie got me unstuck in a way that 30 years of therapy never could. I wasn’t expecting such quick results in such a short timeframe.

Check out this recent win from Lisa who walked away from an unsupportive engagement and 

found freedom and her dream home:



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