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What if
I told you that

for just $29 a month,
you could gain access to a
game-changing solution that holds
the power to break the cycle of

 Toxic Relationships forever?

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Imagine gaining access to a powerful solution that has the potential to revolutionize your relationships permanently, empowering you to build healthier connections and reclaim control over your life.

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Perhaps you've noticed certain patterns in your life. Maybe you find yourself trying to please others, or you feel a constant need for validation, especially in romantic relationships.

Maybe you even adapt too much in your relationships, becoming someone you think others want you to be, just to feel loved or accepted.

You might give too much of yourself, ending up in situations where you're the one always giving, with little in return.

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Perhaps you struggle with assertiveness, finding it hard to say no when you want to, or unable to speak up for fear of criticism.

Setting healthy boundaries might be a challenge, let alone maintaining them.…and you might have this overall feeling of not being good enough.

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I want you to know you are not alone!

I used to struggle with these things too

Picture yourself in a safe, non-judgmental community, free from the distractions of social media, surrounded by individuals who understand what you're going through.

With live teachings from a master coach who has walked in your shoes, you'll receive guidance tailored to your needs.

Plus, you'll have the opportunity to ask your burning questions.

Sounds too good to be true?

You’re going to want to keep reading…

It's not!

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Couple on the Beach

When what you
want are


healthy relationships in all aspects of your life,
deep connections,
thriving friendships,
healthy communication,
an unwavering sense of self worth,
to be loved and accepted for who you are,
inner peace and
to fix that damn broken picker already!


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Do you...

Find yourself in a pattern of toxic relationships…this requires you not to lie to yourself ;)
Tend to people please
Have people in your life that you wish you had a better relationship with
Feel like you have a broken picker
Feel you are so over the peed in dating pool
Tend to be an over giver and receive little in return

Turn into a chameleon in your relationships
Sometimes struggle with boundaries
Often don’t speak up or speak what’s on your mind
Can tend to be codependent in relationships
Sometimes struggle with feeling lovable, worthy or good enough
Seem to be a magnet for narcissists, assholes, users, cheaters or just overall jerks

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Maybe you have even tried therapy, counseling, courses or coaching and found it to either be too expensive and or you didn’t get the results you hoped for.

And maybe while you're reading this right now you're thinking:

"Yeah sounds great Melanie, buuuuuut, I don’t have the time, I’m just so busy, I don’t even know where to start, this probably won’t work anyway”
…blah blah blah…
But I really, really, really want hotter, happier and healthier relationships damn it!
I mean…is that too much to ask?!

Nope, not here it isn't!

You're right where
you belong.

So who am I?

Hi, I'm
Melanie Verstraete


Your love and relationship expert. 

A little bit about how I got here: 

To say a had a shit storm of a past would be an understatement, I grew up with 6 step dads by the time I was 21, without my father and an emotionally unavailable mother and then 2 toxic husbands later and 3 children, I’m standing in the kitchen feeling like God just smacked me upside the head thinking WTF.

 Here I was in my early 40’s contemplating divorce number two, feeling the shame and judgment around getting yet another divorce and wondering how did I get here.

And in that moment I asked myself a very important question that would change the rest of my life and help me create a life that would seem unimaginable at that time.

"What tf is wrong with you...

you keep attracting and (key word here) CHOOSING these toxic men?!

I knew right then and there something had to change, I was the common denominator and sure I could blame them, they were both afterall toxic, narcissistic, belittling and demeaning, controlling, vindictive, aggressive etc etc….but and here’s the important part….

I chose them. Me.

And I wasn’t innocent, I had my own toxic traits too.

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Love Revolution membership(4).png

That was the beautiful beginning of a beautiful life, an awakening if you will, where I finally took control, I became a conscious co-creator of my life, no longer playing victim, I went from surviving to finally thriving, I worked on myself like it was my damn job, obsessed with fixing what I felt was broken…

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Guess what though?

I was never broken and neither are you.

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There was nothing inherently wrong with me, but something definitely was WRONG...
That was over six years ago, and I have dedicated my life ever since to becoming a master coach with the insights and empathy to transform lives.

And over those years helping thousands of people just like you, I saw that there was still something missing…

Love Revolution membership(4).png

A space, a place if you will, that had the path, the way out of the chaos that living through toxic relationships ensues.

A place that most could afford, a place where everyone could walk the path together.

A community with like minds, similar journeys, a safe space with no judgment where people could be themselves freely.

A community that I would have LOVED to have found when I started my journey.
A community just like this and I am SO happy and so honored to be able to create such a powerful online space for you

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The Love Revolution Community is your gateway to a life free from toxic relationship patterns.

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This membership is designed for individuals who are ready to heal from past wounds, redefine their self-worth, and attract healthy, fulfilling relationships.

Eliminate competition and conflict
End disrespect and codependency

Stop attracting the same thing over and over

Increase your self worth and confidence

Find true love

Have inner peace

Build friendships easily

Reset family bonds

Create thriving professional connections

WildHeart Heart Only logo_edited.png
WildHeart Heart Only logo_edited.png

“It literally was the journey of a lifetime that saved my life.

You helped me realize, recognize and face my truth and eradicate the fear…

Thank you!

I love you and have so much respect for the very important job you are doing…changing lives."

“It is my personal opinion that Melanie is particularly talented and among the best…

She truly loves and believes in what she does.

However. I am most personally impressed by her genuineness and authenticity both as a person and in the way she is able to convey her message on the most personal level!”

What You will Experience Inside

Love Revolution membership(10).png

That’s why I created this community, because I believe everyone deserves beautiful, healthy loving relationships and if I can create a safe space, a community to get you onto that path, then it's my duty, my sacred responsibility to do so and

is that place.

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Love Revolution membership(10).png

The Love Revolution Community



Every month

Your gateway to a life free from toxic relationship patterns.

Valid until canceled

Weekly Live Coaching Sessions

Live Q&A Sessions

Practical Tools and Steps

Replay Access

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