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Kicking off Monday, April 15  at 5pm PST / 8pm EST
Love & Relationship Expert Melanie Verstraete

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“Melanie is the best!”

“There are a plethora of people entering the private coaching field for personal growth mentorship. It is my personal opinion that Melanie is particularly talented and among the best. She truly loves and believes in what she does.

However, I am most personally impressed by her genuineness and authenticity, both as a person and in the way she conveys her message on the most personal level!”


Broker Associate at Douglas Elliman

Bad at Love is designed to help men and women kick toxic relationships to the curb
and find soul-synced love:

Eliminate competition and conflict
End disrespect and codependency

Stop attracting the same thing over and over

Redesign the relationships of your dreams

Find true love

Build friendships easily

Reset family bonds

Create thriving professional connections

During this free challenge, you will learn:

Day 1 - Drop the Drama: The 8 Types of Toxic Relationships & How to Stop Attracting Them

Day 2 - Hot, Happy, and Healthy: How to Design Relationships that Really Work

Day 3 - The Pleasure Paradigm: How to Go from Hot Mess to Having it All

Day 4 - The Subtle Art of Soulmate Attraction: Embody the Attributes of Invincible Love & Attract Your Forever-Love

Day 5 - Bad at Love: The Ultimate Recap:

A 45-Minute Crash Course on the Bad at Love Workshop for Finding Invincible Love

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“In 40 days, my life looks dramatically different.”

“40 days ago, I was engaged and still in love with my ex-fiance. I got diagnosed with a real heavy-duty illness, and he didn’t show up for me. My life fell apart. I needed Melanie’s coaching to be able to walk away and experience such a major shift. 


With the clarity of Melanie’s program, I set a goal to move and have since moved into my dream home. I’m really clear on what I want and I don’t second-guess myself anymore. The 1 week masterclass with Melanie got me unstuck in a way that 30 years of therapy never could. I wasn’t expecting such quick results in such a short timeframe.”


Vice President


Meet Your Guide for the Week
Melanie Verstraete

Melanie Verstraete, love and relationship expert and founder of The Wild Heart Life, has helped hundreds of men and women break out of unhealthy relationship patterns and find true love by understanding the root mechanisms that keep them in a harmful cycle.

Melanie’s own experience with toxic relationships started in an unstable environment growing up with an inattentive mother and a string of unsuitable stepdads.


After going through her own second divorce, Melanie had an epiphany about harmful patterns that changed the entire trajectory of her life, and she has dedicated her life ever since to becoming a master coach with the insights and empathy to transform lives.

Melanie stands at the forefront of love and relationships coaching, capturing the spotlight on national and local television screens.


Her wisdom has graced the pages of esteemed publications and resonated across dynamic podcasts, establishing her as a trailblazing authority in the modern landscape of romance and connection.


Ready to attract
the romance & relationships
of your dreams?

Join us for this free,
special 5-day event.

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