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Hi Gorgeous

Welcome to
Silence The Sh*ttalker Podcast!

The podcast where you stop searching and start listening to your soul. Your inner voice.

On this podcast, you will receive all the guidance you need to ignite you into creating the limitless life you desire. 
Luxury, wealth, power, pleasure, and success are your inherent birthright. 

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It’s time to drown out the noise and Silence The Sh*t Talker in all aspects of your life. 

From your career, to your relationships with your partner, family, friends and even yourSelf


You’re here because you know you want badass relationships - with friends, family… and definitely with significant others. 

You might be stuck in a pattern of jealous friendships, crumbling breakups,

and strained work relationships. 

And it’s my life’s mission to help you break free from these negative cycles permanently. 

The inner mean girl no longer runs the show. 

  • And haters and naysayers no longer run your life.

  • You in your purest most divine power and self will show up as the best version in mind, body, and soul.

  • You no longer will silence the Divine Feminine or emasculate the Divine Masculine.

  • You will develop a sacred reverence for the harmony of both masculine and feminine energies in yourself and others.

  • And as you harmonize this in yourself, others will rise to meet you there.

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This podcast will help you get unstuck on the being and doing for others.

So you can BEcome….

  • The Queen who attracts her King effortlessly,

  • The CEO who leads her team with fire and grace,

  • The mother who is fully present and embodied.

  • The siren who knows that her sensuality is divinity on fire in the bedroom and the boardroom.

  • The wise woman who knows that within her lies the seed of God’s Consciousness and ancient worlds. 

She who leads, trusts,
and shows up in her Divinity.
She is YOU.

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